Managers Guide

Manager's Function:

The Manager’s primary function is communication. There is important information, which is usually passed on by the Club Captain to the Manager, who is responsible for passing it on to the rest of the team. A lot of this information is passed on by way of e-mail, however some members do not have access to the Internet so the team Manager is responsible for passing on the information.

You don't need to collect fees, but you may be asked to remind parents to settle their accounts. After the due date the players will be unable to play until fees are settled.

Each team is responsible for manning the barbeque at least once during the season. The Manager is responsible for organising the team parents to assist with these duties. These are our major sources of income. A little bit of effort on every ones part means that we can keep our fees down and provide our children with quality gear. Generally the BBQ duty is done once a season by a team and for 2 hours. Two parents is usually enough for the BBQ duty. More specific info on the BBQ duty is found under the BBQ Guide.

On the day the Manager assists the Coach with team organisation.

The manager also liaises with the Coach for “Player of the Day” awards etc.

Team Results:

Results are rung to the Club’s Results Coordinator as soon as possible after the completion of the game or left at the Glenview Park Tuck Shop. Failure to do so can mean a lot of wasted time in effort on the part of the coordinator and the possibility that your team misses out on the correct points for the game. You can phone, text or email him the results, but they must be in the following format:

e.g. 9th Grade, Glenview Rascals (3), Western United Demons (1) - Glenivew Won

These results MUST be sent to the results coordinator immediately after your game. These results MUST be updated on the WaiBop Website on Saturday afternoon, you co-operation is vital to ensure he compiles all 29 teams results and meets this deadline.

The Results Coordinator contact details can be found under the contacts / portfolio section of this website.