Where is the Club ? 

Glenview United is a Junior Soccer Club based in Glenview which is a suburb of Hamilton in New Zealand.

The Club is located at Glenview Park which is between Bruce Ave and Lewis Street, directly adjacent to the Glenview Primary School. Glenview Park provides us with an excellent set of approx 10 fields. We also have small Tuck Shop and BBQ that sells sausages, drinks, chips, sweets etc on game days. Any larger meetings of the Club take place in the Glenview Primary School Hall.

Who runs the Club ? 

The Club is run entirely by the voluntary efforts of the parents club members. The club has Committee of at least 8 members. See the Contacts page. Parents are the team coaches, managers, referees, drivers for away games etc.

While participation by parents is not compulsory it is very much encouraged as there is a lot of work to be done. This participation adds to the feeling of ownership everyone has of the club. Any assistance is appreciated.

What is the Club philosophy ? 

The club puts a lot of emphasis on fun and participation. Mostly we want to see the children doing physical activity in a team situation and enjoying it. We do not however forget the child's soccer development and we can call on the service of professional coaches provided by WaiBOP Football. There is also a national junior player development programme that is open to all children and supported by the club.

Why Soccer for my Child ? 

We feel that Soccer is an excellent team sport for young and older children to play. The simple rules are easily understood. For the very youngest children the rules could be condensed to kick it with your feet, kick it back in when it goes out, try to get it in the other goal, stop them getting it in your goal.

The simple rules still allow for a very attractive, fast, free flowing, skillful game.  Note that the simple rules have the benefit of making it a very easy game to referee at the junior level. Even parents that have had little exposure to the game before should find it easy to referee a game if called upon.

Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world and it is also the most popular sport for Primary and Intermediate School aged children in New Zealand.

What age children does the club cater for ?

Children from the age of 4 to 14 can play for the club, i.e. Primary and Intermediate school ages.

When is Junior Soccer season ?

Junior Soccer in New Zealand is a winter sport. In 2022,  it runs from May 7 through to September 3 with breaks for the School Holidays. The children play approx 15 to 20 games in a season. See the Calendar for more information.

Is there Team training ?

Yes, during the soccer season most teams will meet once a week for training. Each team organises this amongst themselves. Mostly this will happen on a week night at Glenview Park between the hours of 4.00pm and 6.00pm.

How is the Club funded ?

The financial resources the club needs are provided by enrolment fees, the tuck shop and grants from charitable organisations. Due to good management over the years by the clubs founders and through grants, see our supporter page for a detailed list.

What do annual membership fees cost ? 

Early-bird fees (before 18 March) are $70 for first kicks (4-6 years) and $80 for older grades. These fees will increase by $5 after the early-bird period ends.

What Uniform does the Club provide ?

The club provides a playing shirt for the season. these remain the property of the club. Parents need to purchase shorts and socks and these should be sourced from Direct Group Uniforms (DGS) at their Hamilton branch. We also have a small supply of second-hand shorts that can be purchased from the club for $10. You will also need to provide boots and shin pads for your child as these are compulsory.

How many members does the Club have ? 

Glenview AFC had approx 120 members in the 2021 season. We fielded 13 teams in the Waikato Football  competition.

What happens at the Muster ? 

This is where we announce the teams for each grade. Please note that these are only preliminary teams and may be changed later if necessary. The muster is also an opportunity to decide on a coach, a manager, pick a team name and work out the best night for training.

What competition do the teams play in ?

All Glenview teams play in the WaiBop Football organised competition. The area covered includes the entire Waikato region. Season games are normally played on Saturday mornings with half of the games played at our home ground next to Glenview School.

The teams play a series of grading games at the start of the season. The results of these grading games are used to group the teams from all clubs into levels of equal abilities, which hopefully results in evenly contested games. There will then be 5 preliminary games that further streamline the teams into grades.

In addition to the above competition, there is also the WaiBop 5 aside tournament which is held at Jansen Park at the end of the season. Entry info for these competitions will be distributed by the club to your coach and manager closer to the time.

Further there are various tournaments during the season held around the country that teams can compete in.  The coach and manager will usually arrange for these and the tournament entry fees for these are not covered by the club.  However, we do encourage teams to participate as it provides a great experience for the players.

What are the rules of Junior Soccer in New Zealand? 

The rules the children play to have been tailored for juniors by Soccer NZ in conjunction with WaiBop Football Federation. See the Rules-of-the-Game page for more.

What do I do if I still have unanswered questions?

Feel free to contact one of the Club Committee, under contacts on this website.